Hent Germinie Lacerteux Edmond de Goncourt Læs online PDF

Jules de Goncourt (1830 -1870) was a French writer. First published in 1864 Germinie Lacerteux is the best-known novel of Les Frères Goncourt. It is a story based on the life of one of their servants. She served them faithfully for years and was; they learned later, leading a double life of vice and debauchery that ended miserably with her death in a poorhouse. From the introduction, the public loves to read pleasant, soothing stories, adventures that end happily, imaginative works that disturb neither its digestion nor its peace of mind: this book furnishes entertainment of a melancholy, violent sort calculated to disarrange the habits and injure the health of the public.

  • Navn: Germinie Lacerteux
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  • Forfattere: Edmond de Goncourt
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